Monday, October 1, 2012

Star Wars Reads Day

Lucasfilm and its publishing partners are celebrating Star Wars Reads Day on October 6, 2012.  Check with your local library, Books-A-Million, or Barnes & Noble stores for an event near you. Or, celebrate at home with one of these great books:

Darth Vader and Son
by Jeffrey Brown 
Chronicle Books, 2012
ages 7 and up

Hilarious cartoons imagine what life would have been like if the Dark Lord of the Sith had raised his future Jedi Master son himself. Charming everyday father/son moments are rendered uproariously silly when shared between these two characters.

Every father and son should have this book. But don't leave out the girls - daughters like it, too! This book is a perpetual favorite around the house.

Star Wars Origami
by Chris Alexander
Workman Publishing, 2012
ages 7 and up

It is exactly what it says - a fabulous how-to book for folding simple pieces of paper into fantastic movie memorabilia. This is the ultimate gift for fans of George Lucas and Tom Angleberger. My children were dying to get their hands on it while I looked it over. When I relinquished it to them, they eagerly started making light sabers and the death star.

The soft cover book contains instructions and decorative paper for creating thirty-six origami Star Wars characters and vehicles, and also includes games, movie trivia, quotes and stills. But the enjoyment never ends as long as there is a blank sheet of paper around. Favorite folds can be replicated time and again.

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